Thursday, January 30, 2020

Imporatance of 3 Period Name Lesson Essay Example for Free

Imporatance of 3 Period Name Lesson Essay For the purpose of giving a clear perception of an idea in association with language, Montessori advised that the â€Å"three period lesson† of Seguin should be used. The periods are: 1st period: â€Å"The association of the sensory perception with the name†. Example: Give the child a large and a small cylinder and say â€Å"this is large† and â€Å"this is small. † 2nd period: â€Å"Recognition of the object corresponding to the name. † Example: Ask the child to indicate which is the large cylinder and which is the small cylinder. rd period: â€Å"the remembering of the name corresponding to the object. † Example: show the child the large cylinder and say â€Å"what is this? † then show him the small cylinder and say â€Å"what is this? † The 3 period name lesson is very useful because it is very simple and very clear for the child. Furthermore the teacher does not ask the child to actually name the object until she is sure he can recognize it. The importance of the three period lesson cant be underestimated. This tool can be used anywhere. In the classroom we use it to introduce letter sounds, number values and symbols, continent names, plants and animals, but it is not limited just to the classroom. It can also be used in the playground, in the kitchen, at music lessons, even at the super market. It can even be used to introduce object names in a second language. There is no limit to how this lesson can be used because, under the right circumstances, there is no limit to the amount of information a child between the ages of 3 and 6 is capable of absorbing. The real beauty of the three period lesson is that it allows Montessori teachers to meet each child exactly where they are. In other words, the technique allows the children as much time as they need to learn each new concept some children will absorb a concept quickly and only need the lesson once or twice while other children may want to be given the lesson many times until they are confident enough to move on.

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