Saturday, February 8, 2020

Ronald Reagan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Ronald Reagan - Essay Example Franklin Delano Roosevelt's populist rhetoric attracted Reagan to him and later influenced Reagan's speaking style† (Reagan 2020). During the early stages of his career, he landed a job as radio sports sportscaster, â€Å"first at WOC in Davenport, IA, later a full time staff announcer at WHO in Des Moines† (United States. Presidents p. vii). â€Å"However, his biggest break came in the year 1937, when he joined a screen test and succeeded him a contract in Hollywood. Reagan was a famous movie actor during the next two decades and he graced in a total of 53 films† (The White House). â€Å"Account of his personal life included a first marriage to actress Jane Wyman while filming the movie Brother Rat. His first child Maureen was born and Michael Reagan was adopted before their divorce in 1949† (United States Presidents viii). â€Å"In 2001, his first child Maureen passed away†( The White House). â€Å"In 1952, he remarried to a fellow actress in the person of Nancy Davis, with whom had two children, Patricia Ann and Ronald Prescott† (The White House). â€Å"Reagan and Davis appeared only in one film entitled Hell Cats of the Navy which was filmed in 1957. In 2002, they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary†. ... â€Å"In 1952, he campaigned as a Democrat for Eisenhower. Reagan accepted a job as spokesman for the General Electric Company† (Reagan 2020) which allowed him to â€Å"tour the country by giving speeches as General Electric’s spokes person† (United States President p. viii). He became an advocate for conservatism as this was evident during his speeches. â€Å"In 1960 Reagan joined the campaign of Richard Nixon when he ran for Presidency. In 1962, he officially made a swing to another party which is Republican. It was during his speech in the year 1964, where he appeared on a television address for Goldwater, A Time for Choosing, which officiated his bid to enter a political career. There were several groups who supported his political career, particularly, the group of California businessmen who placed him in his gubernatorial bid. His first autobiography entitled Where's the Rest of Me?  was published in 1965† (Reagan 2020). â€Å"Reagan was elected G overnor of California in 1966 by a margin of a million votes† (The White House). It was during this time when he conquered the incumbent governor then, Edmund G. Brown by a landslide of over a million votes. His success in the election as governor prepared him to become a leading contender for the Republican Presidential race in 1968 (Reagan 2020)†. â€Å"In the same year of 1968, he made a tentative run for the presidency, while waiting until the Republican National Convention to announce his candidacy† (Reagan 2020). He gave his support to Richard Nixon as he joined his massive supporters. â€Å"He sought for re-election as governor and won in 1970† (The White House). â€Å"In the year 1974, months after the expiration of his term as Governor, he began to write for a syndicated

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